The Bible is the Testament that Reflects God's Profundity and Love for Us

A Spiritual Book that Talks about the Profundity of God & His Eternal Love for Us

Relationships fade, friends walk away, and even at times, our families and siblings hurt us in ways unimaginable. Human love is inconsistent and always changing; even the purest forms of human love are tested in life’s journey. But one such love that remains unwavering and pure is God’s eternal love for His people, and with this love, we gain the strength to face the world’s adversities and develop hope for eternity. The Bible is the testament that reflects God’s profundity and love for us. Self-help Christian books depict God’s everlasting love for his people as beyond comprehendible and unimaginable. He does more than just love us: He is the true epitome of love. And because of His love, we are able to love and reflect gestures of kindness and empathy in our actions for others. Because of His wholehearted affection, we have nothing to fear. As the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He is sovereign over everything. This spiritual book, “I am Amazed! But not surprised” by author Rich Overlin is a collection of Overlin’s thoughts, occurrences, and items he has collected in his memories and life. All of which have been inspired by the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus, Christ is the word! And the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple! The author further emphasizes in his spiritual autobiography that worldly life is challenging, but the rewards we will attain are beyond comprehension

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I am a 71 year old construction worker who has had the Hand of GOD on my shoulder all my life.

The countless blessings and divine interventions have shaped my life. My hope is to share my stories and help as many people find true happiness in our Saviour!

A Collection of Thought-Provoking Stories Reflecting on God that will touch the Soul and Heart from Within

“Rich Overlin”

In our lifetime, many voices can affect our behavior, judgments, and even the pathway we set course. Amongst all those voices is the voice of God, the devil, outsiders, our family, and even our contemplations. The voices you heed start to shape you as an individual and even influence to impact your future. Amid all distractions, hearing the voice of God is important, equivalent to choosing to obey His Decrees. The Bible is the classic example in the Old and New Testaments where people got to hear the voice of God, and even though that was a significant moment in itself, the histories, lives, and cities of people were truly changed as a consequence of that person’s submission or the lack thereof. Overlin’s non-fiction self-help book clearly states that GOD is the Creator of all; he is everlasting, never changing, and always has been and always will be. As he proclaimed in the scriptures, “I AM WHO I AM.” The author inspires readers to read his insightful book that explains what and where we can find God. Overlin quotes that GOD is GOOD all the time, and All the Time, GOD is GOOD! So, as we nurture our relationship with God, we must follow his commands, have firm faith in his judgements, and develop everlasting love for Him. As the author states in his spiritual book, “The best way for me to describe GOD is that he is love, not just love, but pure love in the real sense. He is all forgiving, and his love is unconditional.”



Out Of The Darkness

By Author Rich Overline

The statements and claims in this book are not medical or through a clinical study. They are just observations and my point of view trying to understand what challenges people are going through in their lives with depression.

This book is about protecting yourself from the evil in this world. It ties in the dark depression people suffer from with the principalities of evil that Paul talks about when he tells us to put on the “Full Armor of GOD” Your very soul and sanity depends on it.

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