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Rich Overlin, the religious book author of “I am Amazed! But not surprised”, was born in July 1952. His father worked for the Forest Service, so they lived in a quaint little community in Smith’s Ferry in Idaho. Overlin was born in the mountains, which spurred his love for the outdoors and GOD’s creation. He has always felt the presence of the Lord in his life.

Overlin grew up in treasure valley in Idaho, got into construction at 14, and primarily has worked self-employed his entire life. He was never content working for others. Later in life, Overlin was blessed with two children, his daughter Chandra was his oldest. She was one of those rare book-smart people with common sense knows little about everything and was very mechanically inclined. She gave him his first Grandson, Sandis T Bursik, who is just as smart as his daughter. Overlin’s son Cory came along 3 years later. His son was blessed with his love for the outdoors and has become a far better man than he is. Overlin taught him the construction trades, and to his surprise, his son surpassed him in smarts. His son gave him 2 granddaughters, Kylee, who has a passion for music, and Ashlee, who, like his son, loves adventure. The author’s first marriage blessed him with 2 children and three grandchildren. His second marriage was to the love of his life. Who showed Overlin what real love was between a man and a woman. With her, he gained 8 more children, which his wife had before their marriage in 2011; altogether, they have 18 grandchildren from hers and his. Spiritual book author Rich Overlin’s life has been full of adventure; He has worked in 45 states and two countries as a traveling superintendent and has been in all 50. Overlin has traveled to Europe and visited 9 countries, including Canada and Mexico. He owes his entire life to the guidance of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Overlin says that God has blessed him beyond what he deserves. The author has witnessed miraculous things that a person should never have to see. Rich Overlin has had good times and bad. But everything he has experienced has made him who he is today!